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Wolverine Dart Association Members Handbook

By – Laws & Rules of Play
Wolverine Dart Association
Revised May 2001

Table of Contents-By Law and League Rules
Article I Name 1
Article II Objective 1
Article III Membership 1
Article IV Executive Board – Committees 1-2
Article V Duties of Executive Board 3
Article VI Duties of Executive Officers 3-5
Article VII Duties of Standing Committee Person 6-8
Article VIII General Meetings 8
Article IX Elections 8-9
Article X Expenses 9
Article XI Amendments 9
Article XII Recall of Board Members 10

Rules of Play Tuesday
WDA Steel Tip League Rules and Regulations 11
Section I Membership 11
Section II Equipment 12-13
Section III Team Formation 14-15
Section IV Divisioning / Schedules / Position Night 15-16
Section V Format
Section VI Starting Time / Postponements 17-18
Section VII Rules of Play 18-22
Section VIII Reporting of Results 22-23
Section IX Awards 23
Section X Etiquette 23-24
Section XI Cricket Rules 24-25
Section XII Sportsmanship and Penalties 25-26

Article I – Name
The name of this organization will be the Wolverine Dart Association.

Article II – Objective
The objective of the W.D.A. will be to promote competitive darts and sanction League play according to the rules in effect as well as establish friendly relationships with similar organizations.

Article III – Membership
Section 1 – Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in darts as a sport.

Section 2 – A membership may be terminated by a majority opinion of the board if such member creates disharmony or behaves in a matter which is prejudicial to order, discipline, or sportsmanship.
Section 3 – The membership fee for a yearly membership shall be thirty ($30.00) dollars starting September 1st thru August 31st and fifteen ($15.00) for a half year membership Starting February 1st thru August 31st.
Section 4 – The W.D.A. will automatically be a member of the A.D.O. and will pay dues accordingly each January.

Article IV – Executive Board / Committees
Section 1 – The executive board shall include the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Steel Tip League Coordinator, Tournament Director, and Newsletter Editor. If it becomes necessary for 1 person to hold 2 Executive Board positions, that person may act as only the higer of the position, in regards to voting and League procedures.

Section 2 – The executive board shall be elected at a General Meeting held on the third Sunday in May. The President, Treasurer, Steel Tip League Coordinator, and Newsletter Editor shall be elected to a two-year term on even numbered years. The Vice President, Secretary, Tournament Director, shall be elected to a two year term on odd numbered years. All terms of office will commence August 1st of the year elected.

Section 3 – Whenever a vacancy occurs, the President shall fill the vacancy with an eligible member, provided the majority of the board approves the appointment. Fill ins for any elected position will serve only until the next election meeting.

Section 4 – In addition to the executive board there shall also be a number of standing committee position including 3 trustees, Awards Chairperson, and Statistician responsible to the League Coordinator. Properties Chairman is responsible to the Tournament Coordinator. Sergeant at Arms and Special Events Coordinator will report directly to the President. The committee positions will be chosen by the Executive Board. Any overlap of activities and responsibilities will be supervised by the President.

Section 5 – All contracts must be signed by two (2) Executive Board members. One signer of this contract must be a check signer. All checks must be signed by two (2) Executive Board members, one (1) signer must be the Treasurer.

Section 6 – Upon vacating their office, all officers and committee persons shall turn over to their successor all books, receipts, and equipment and/or supplies of the W.D.A. which were kept or used. Failure to do so shall be the responsibility of the President to obtain or instruct the Sergeant at Arms to retrieve the materials. Failure to do so may result in removal as a member of the W.D.A.

Article V – Duties of the Executive Board
Section 1 – The board must meet on the third Wednesday of each month, the meeting date to be determined by the Executive Board.

Section 2 – Majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum.

Section 3 – The Board shall make decision on all matters concerning the W.D.A.

Section 4 – The Board shall change the rules of play to benefit the league.

Section 5 – The Board shall interpret the By Laws on appeals brought forward to the Board.

Section 6 – The Executive Board has the right to engage in contracts on the behalf of the W.D.A.

Section 7 – Any “Board” as a whole shall remain in their respective positions until a new one is elected except newly elected officials to fill in term vacancy – effective immediately.

Article VI – Duties of the Executive Officers

Section 1 – President
The President shall preside at all meetings. The President may vote only to break a tie. The President shall appoint all committees and shall fill vacancies in accordance with Article IV, Section 3. The President shall use a reasonable means to promote and advance the objectives for which this organization is formed. Prior to the election of new officers, the President shall submit to the Board a written repot containing a summary of activities during the tenure and authority not otherwise vested, shall be one of the four valid signatures on the bank account.

Section 2 – Vice President
The Vice President shall assist the president in maintaining the efficiency of operations and in the absence of the President shall assume the duties normally performed by the President.
The Vice Presidents signature shall be one of the four valid signatures on the bank account.
The Vice President shall be in charge of maintaining a past and present membership list, the issuing of membership cards within thirty (30) days from receipt of application, and justifying the number of cards issued to the Treasurers report of membership monies received.
At the end of each season, the Vice President, upon receipt of the current season’s final statistics, shall be in charge of updating the membership file, including but not limited to, individual most recent average and the season in which it was earned.

Section 3 – Secretary
The Secretary shall accurately record the minutes of all meetings, handles correspondence, and give notice of all meetings of the association. The Secretaries signature shall be one of the four valid on the bank account.

Section 4 – Treasurer
The Treasurer will have the custody of all W.D.A. funds and shall be responsible for the collection of fees and fines. The Treasurer shall be required to submit a monthly-itemized statement to the board and prepare a summarized financial statement for the general membership meeting. The Treasurer shall submit an itemized statement to any member upon a signed request with an enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope. This statement shall be mailed within (72) seventy-two hours of receipt. The Treasurer must meet with the three trustees to examine and compile a signed report to the Board and membership every 3 months. At the end of our fiscal year, by July 31st, all receipts and books will be
turned over to an independent accountant for filing taxes and accountability purposes. The Treasurers signature is one of the four valid on the bank account.

Section 5 – Steel Tip League Coordinator
Shall be responsible for accepting team registration for the W.D.A. Leagues on the date set by the Board.
Assisted by the executive officers, shall have the responsibility of delegating teams to various divisions, drawing up the League schedules, and delivering copies of the schedules to all captains in time for the start of the season.
Assisted by other Board members, shall choose the location, time, and format for all League tournaments in accordance with principles of fair treatment of all venues and observance of past traditions regarding format, etc…
Section 6 – Tournament Director
Shall be responsible with the board approval, for securing locations for all W.D.A. Tournaments (e.g. Muscular Dystrophy, State Championship, and all open events) which are not part of regular league play. The Tournament Director shall be responsible in obtaining sponsors and monies (50/50 Raffles, Raffle Tickets, etc..) for tournament payout and expenses.
Shall supervise all aspects of such tournaments, verifying that the Executive Board and Committee persons are notified of Tournament Dates, Locations, and their responsibilities.
The Tournament Director shall perform the duties of the A.D.O. representative

Section 7 – Newsletter Editor
Shall be responsible for the publishing of the W.D.A. newsletter on a quarterly basis with board assistance to collect advertising revenues for said newsletter and is free to select a staff of contributing writers.
Shall assist the League Coordinator in the advertising of all league activities.
Shall assist the Tournament Director in the advertising of all W.D.A. Tournaments.

Article VII – Duties of Standing Committee Persons
Section 1 – Statistician
Prior to the captains meeting, the statistician shall prepare beginning statistics for all divisions based on the current seasons registered teams and players. These copies shall also be given to the League Coordinator for inclusion in the current seasons captains folders.
Prior to the beginning of League play the Statistician shall be responsible for mailing to each of the seasons participating venues, copies of the current seasons schedules and current statistics for each division for which the venue is supporting.
During the league season the Statistician shall prepare and mail to each team captain and participating venue weekly statistics including team statistics, standings, individual statistics, and averages.
During the league season it shall be the responsibility of the Statistician to include in the weekly mailing any tournament flyers on an as needed basis.
It shall be the responsibility of the Statistician to compile a list of player averages, based on the latest available statistics, for the current seasons Doubles 01’ and Cricket Doubles tournaments in the middle and end of the season.
When required it shall be the responsibility of the Statistician to count and include Banquet tickets in the weekly mailing to all teams and participating venues.
At the end of the season it shall be the responsibility of the Statistician to prepare and mail copies of the final statistics to all teams and participating venues. Copies of each shall also be given to the Vice President for preparation of the current season Final Statistics Booklet. 6
Upon Vacating office, the Statistician shall turn over to the successor all books and software used for the position and all records kept.

Section 2 – Awards Chairperson
Shall be responsible for obtaining all awards in accordance with W.D.A. procedures for all W.D.A. leagues.
Shall be responsible for obtaining, with board approval, trophies for all W.D.A. tournaments.

Section 3 – Properties Chairperson
Shall be responsible for maintaining and storage of the W.D.A. trailer and its contents.
Shall be responsible for transporting, setting up, and taking down all equipment necessary for tournaments.

Section 4 – Sergeant at Arms
Shall be responsible for maintaining order at all W.D.A. functions, meetings, and tournaments.
Shall be responsible for obtaining whatever assistance is necessary to maintain this order.
Shall oversee balloting at elections.
Shall aid in the collection of all overdue accounts.
Shall assist the board in delivering warning letters where unsportsmanlike conduct is involved.
Shall work with and for the board as a whole.

Section 5 – Special Events Chairperson
Shall be responsible for any fund raising activities approved by the board.
Shall be responsible for any program, event, or activity approved by the board and so designated by the President as a special event.
Section 6 – Trustees
Shall meet with the Treasurer every 3 months and prepare a signed report available to board members and membership.

Article VIII – General Meetings
Section 1 – At least 2 general meetings shall be held each year. These meetings shall be on the third Sunday in May and November. The board will determine the times and locations of such meetings. The May meeting shall have the primary purpose of electing officers. The locations of these meetings shall be rotated as equally as possible.
Section 2 – Quorum
Fifty percent of the Board plus all members present shall constitute a quorum for all general meetings.

Section 3 – It shall be resolved that the W.D.A. Newsletter will be an accepted medium by which W.D.A. announcements shall be disseminated to the membership. Any notice printed in the W.D.A. Newsletter of meetings, scheduled events, proposed By Law changes, or other events requiring notice to the W.D.A. members shall be conclusively presumed to have been properly made upon publication and mailing of the W.D.A. Newsletter.

Article IX – Elections
Section 1
The Secretary shall prepare a notification ballot to be distributed to each member of the W.D.A. each year, during the month of February (The W.D.A. Newsletter shall be considered a valid means of distribution). The nomination ballot shall contain a list of officers that will be elected at the next general membership meeting, along with space for the nominees name, and spaces for the nine (9) signatures of W.D.A. members. Each nomination ballot must contain ten (10) valid signatures (The nominees signature along with the nine other members)
The nomination ballot shall be submitted to the Sergeant at Arms no later than April 1st. The Sergeant at Arms shall verify that each of the signatures are valid members and determine that the nominee agrees to be listed as a candidate on the election ballot. Any nomination ballot that does not meet the above listed criteria shall be returned along with the reason for rejection to the sender within seven (7) days or receipt. The Sergeant at Arms will submit to the W.D.A. Secretary, a list of candidates, along with the nomination ballots, no later than April 15th.

Section 2 – Elections shall take place on the third Sunday of May of each year.

Section 3 – All elections shall be made by secret ballot.

Section 4 – Separate ballots shall be held for and in order of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, League Coordinator, Tournament Director, Take-A-Trip Coordinator, Newsletter Editor on the years necessary in the appropriate years. A majority of votes cast is necessary for election. If there is no majority on the first ballot, there will be a run off between the top two candidates receiving the highest number of votes on the first ballot. It must contain the name of a valid W.D.A. member. On subsequent ballots one of the slated candidates must be named for the vote to be legal.

Section 5 – All nominated candidates for an office will be allowed two minutes to state their qualifications and/or reasons for seeking said office.

Article X – Expenses
Section 1 – Any member is to be reimbursed for all legitimate expenses provided they present original receipts.
Section 2 – All expenses are subject to the approval of a majority of the board in attendance at the board meeting.

Article XI – Amendments
These By Laws may be amended, altered, repealed, by the affirmative vote of the majority of members of the W.D.A. in attendance at the general meeting, if notice of the proposed alteration, repeal, or substitution is contained in the notice of the meeting.

Article XII – Recall of Board Members
Section 1 – Any board member may be recalled from office by a unanimous vote of the board members present at any board meeting (with quorum), the board member being recalled excluded.
The board member recalled shall be replaced in accordance with Article VI, Section 3.

The board member recalled has the right to appeal such recall action. Such appeal must be in writing and received by the W.D.A. Secretary (via registered mail) no later than thirty (30) days after the recall ruling. If after consideration of the appeal by the board, the appeal is rejected, no further appeal is allowed.

Section 2 – The general membership may recall a board member by submitting a petition, with the reason for removal, and a minimum of 100 valid W.D.A. members signatures to the board at any board meeting.
The Sergeant at Arms will verify the signatures and upon acceptance will notify the board of the petitions validity. The Secretary will notify each member, by first class mail, a minimum of ten (10) days in advance that a recall election will be held at a time and location to be determined by the board (no more than thirty (30) days from the time the petition is received).
A 2/3 majority of those present (a minimum 50 of the original 100) at the recall election will be necessary to recall any board member.
The board member recalled will be replaced in accordance with Article VI, Section 3.

A board member recalled by a vote of the membership may not appeal the decision.

Wolverine Dart Association
Tuesday Night Steel Tip League Rules of Play

All W.D.A. Tuesday night steel tip events played under the direct supervision or sanctioned by the W.D.A. shall be played by the following rules.

I – Membership
Any member in good standing of the W.D.A. and 21 years of age or older may participate in the Tuesday night league.
The membership fee for a yearly membership shall be thirty ($30.00) dollars starting September 1st through August 31st and fifteen ($15.00) for a half year starting February 1st through August 31st.
Replacement Membership Card is $1.00
W.D.A. membership includes A.D.O. Rights.
Participation of a suspected non-member:
The opposing team’s captain has a right to see a membership card at any time. No one may be refused the right to play due to the failure to produce a membership card, and no match shall be stopped during play. A written complaint must be submitted to the board for a ruling at a later date.

For any player additions or changes to be considered legal at/or after the captains meeting, the team captain must get approval from the League Coordinator.
Any team that violates these rules will be penalized one (1) point per illegal player violation, per game participated in. These points will be awarded to the opposition.

Each team shall pay $150.00 per league season at the time of registration. The Statistician will receive $10.00 per team from this fee.
All players must have current membership before registering on a team. This includes adding a player.
A returned check from a venue or person, for any reason, requires payment in cash or certified check for all future transactions.
A returned check is also subject to a bank fee.
If fees are not collected, fees intended to be paid by returned check will be considered unpaid.
If unpaid fees are for team fees, the team will be dropped from the league.
If unpaid fees are for membership, the person will be dropped from the association.
If unpaid fees are for any other reason the board will act accordingly.
No Member(s) may be added without two (2) Executive Board Members approval after mid season play.

II – Equipment
The dartboard shall be a standard 18 inch bristle board of standard 1-20 clock pattern in good condition.
The chalkboard/whiteboard shall be in good condition and clearly visible in front of the player at the hockey.
Lighting should be in such a manner as to reduce shadows and not physically interfere with the dart in flight.
Distance from the center bull to the floor shall be 5’8” plus or minus ¼”.
The hockey shall be clearly marked at 7”9 ¼” from the face of the board. A raised hockey is measured from the back, a flush hockey from the front. A raised hockey should be 1 ½” high by 2” wide, a flush hockey should be 2” wide. A diagonal line from the center of the bull to the hockey is 9’7 ½” (115 ½”) plus or minus ¼”.
There shall be a minimum of 5 feet between the centers of adjoining dartboards in use during league play. Six feet or more is preferable proper space for league play. This leaves a minimum of 2 ½ ‘ from center of dartboard to each side and 2’ area behind the hockey to protect the player.
There is to be a lane 5’ wide and 10’ long to be considered.
There must be an overhead clearance in the shooting area of no less than 7 ½ feet.
Darts shall not exceed a maximum overall length of 30.5cm (12 Inches), nor weigh more than 50 grams per dart. Each dart shall consist of a recognizable point, barrel and flight. Soft Tip darts are allowed.
Venues must be made aware of excessive noise levels, and asked to monitor them as well as any other forms of interference to league play.
Venues, playing areas and equipment are to be checked and approved by the League Coordinator before they can be sanctioned for league play.
Venues must be sanctioned prior to league registration.
It is the Venues responsibility to provide seating for both home and visiting teams in the vicinity of their assigned playing area(s).
The League Coordinator will determine the number of teams that can be registered from any venue.

III – Team Formation
Teams shall be composed of no less than four (4) and no more than six (6) players. Teams shall stand as registered. After the close of registration, you must wait until after the Captains meeting to add or delete any player.
No player may drop from a team and re-enter league play that season.
Teams must name a Captain upon registering team. The Captain must choose a 1st Alternate Captain and a 2nd Alternate Captain upon registration of team. Should the Captain not be present during league play, the 1st Alternate will assume responsibilities of Captain. Should Captain and 1st Alternate not be present during League play, the 2nd alternate shall assume the duties of Captain.
No Changes may be made during the last five (5) weeks of play. In case of emergency or extenuating circumstances, the League Coordinator must be contacted for possible exemption.
No player in a division with a 19 game format may play more than 11 games (3 01’ team, 1 01’ doubles, 1 01’ singles, 3 cricket triples, 1 cricket doubles, and 1 cricket singles).
No player in a division with a 17 game format may play more than 9 games (3 01’ team. 1 01’ doubles, 1 01’ singles, 2 cricket triples, 1 cricket doubles, and 1 cricket singles).
No player in a division with a 15 or 13 game format shall play more than 7 games (3 01’ team, 1 01’ doubles, 1 01’ singles, 1 cricket doubles, and 1 cricket singles).
Any player showing up ready, willing, and able to play at the start of the match, must be allowed to shoot three (3) games. A penalty of one (1) point default per game (1, 2, or 3) will be assessed for failure to comply. These points will be awarded to the opponent. This will be acted upon with a written complaint from the player that was not allowed to play.
The team captain must call the League Coordinator to add, change, or delete a player on his/her team. You may call anytime during the week, but in order for the “new” player to be eligible to play on the following Tuesday, you must call by 9:00PM on the preceding Thursday. The proposed new player’s average must fit the team average (based on the top 4 averages) and stay within the Division’s average, as of the start of the season. (This does not apply to the first division.)
Team Captains are required to correctly represent all team
member’s information (names, averages, etc.). Incorrect information will result in member being declared an illegal player and the caption being disciplined. All points won with that player participating will be forfeited to the other team.

A. Divisions of more or less equal ability shall be established by the Steel Tip League Coordinator with the assistance of the Executive Board. Their decisions are final.
The highest four (4) averages of registered team members will be used as a guideline to determine team placement. Averages will not be the sole criteria for team placement. Averages will not be used as a guideline to determine team placement. Averages will not be the sole criteria for team placement. Averages must be exact. The W.D.A. will use the player's averages established in other associations. All new players without an established average will be given a forty average
B. All divisions shall consist of either 4,6,7 or 8 teams. Decision regarding this will be made by the Steel Tip League Coordinator.

A. Schedules shall be arrange so that each team plays at least one (1) home team and one (1) away match against every other team in its division.
A. All matches will be played at the determined venues according to standings. Changes may only be made with Steel Tip League Coordinator's approval. Depending upon venue space availability, odd teams in standings shall shoot at the home venue and be considered the visitors in posting the line-up. Even teams shall be considered the home team for posting the line-up and mailing of the stats.
A. There will be High-Low "01" Doubles Night at mid-season and Hi-Low Cricket Doubles Night at season-end.
B. A Venue must have three (3) sanctioned boards to be considered for Doubles Night event.
C. Registration for Doubles Night closes at 8:00 p.m.
D. Doubles Nights are played using the statistics issued closest to the week of the event.

1. The formats shall consist of the following:
(19 Game Format) (17 Game Format)
4-Three Person 701 3-Four Person 701
2-Doubles 501 2-Doubles 501
4-Singles 501 4-Singles 501
3-Three Person Cricket 2-Three Person Cricket
2-Doubles Cricket 2-Doubles Cricket
4-Singles Cricket 4-Singles Cricket

(15 Game Format) (13 OR 11 Game Format*)
3-Four Person 701 3-Four Person 601
2-Doubles 501 2-Doubles 401
4-Singles 401 4-Singles 301
2-Doubles Cricket 2-Doubles Cricket (end of 11
4-Singles Cricket game format
4-Singles Cricket 2-Singles Cricket (end of 13
game format
*Game format to be determined by League Coordinator.
19 game format, each player may play a total of 11 games
17 Game format, each player may play a total of 9 games
15 game format, each player may play a total of 7 games
13 game format, each player may play a total of 7 games
*All games must be played in format order.
One point is earned per game won, for a maximum point total equal to the number of games in your format. All "01" games are straight-in and double-out.

A. Starting time will be 8 p.m. Starting time may be delayed until 8:15 p.m. If one or both teams has less than two (2) players present at 8:15 p.m., and the opposing Team Captain calls for the match to begin, you must refer to the provisions governing postponements below. After play begins, the match cannot be postponed.
B. A team must play with two (2) players. Dummy score(s) will be used in place of the absent players. In doubles '01 matches, a dummy earns twenty-five (25) points each turn down to one hundred and forty (140) points. Under 140, a dummy earns zero (0) points. The missing player may NOT join a game in progress, but is allowed to participate in subsequent games of the match.
C. If both teams have two (2) plays, points will be earned as follows: 13 points for 19 or 17 game formats
11 points for 15 game formats
9 points for 13 game formats
Two (2) Singles '01, Doubles '01, one (1) Double Cricket and two (2) Singles Cricket (in the 15/17 game format) and two (2) Singles '01, one (1) Doubles '01, and one (1) Doubles Cricket in the 13 game format will not be played.
D. If a team of two (2) plays against a team of (3) players, one (1) Singles '01, one (1) Singles Cricket game will be 17 eliminated. Other two (2) matched Singles '01 and Singles Cricket are forfeited.

A. Games not played at scheduled times MUST be rescheduled and played within the next two (2) weeks.
The Steel Tip League Coordinator must be contacted at the time of the postponement and notified of the rescheduled time and date. If teams cannot agree on rescheduling the Steel Tip League Coordinator will set the schedule. The team postponed against will have date and time preference if the Coordinator must set the schedule.
B. A minimum of twenty-four hours (24 hrs) notice must be given to the opposing team's Captain prior to any postponement . Penalty for failure to adhere to this rule will result in the postponing team Captain being suspended as Captain during the current season, and from becoming a Captain in the future. In addition, two (2) points will be taken from the postponing team which failed to give proper notice and forfeited to the opposing team.
C. If either team fails to play a re-scheduled match, they will be removed from the league for the remainder of the current season. If the first half of the season was completed prior to removal, it will stand intact. If a removal should occur in the second half of the season, removal of all points from the removed team will revert back to the start of the second half. If there is a situation where there is a removed team in a division where there also exists a Position Night, the removed team's points will be deleted as well as all Position Nights. If the removal occurs in the first half of the season, all points will be deleted to the beginning of the season.
D. All postponements must be played at the originally scheduled venue.


1. All darts must be thrown from the hand.
A. Start of the games will be determined by a coin toss. Home team tosses the coin, visitor calls. The winner of the toss will have the choice for throwing for the bulls-eye in all odd numbered games (1, 3, 5, etc.). The other team will throw for all even numbered games (2, 4, 6, etc.).

In throwing the cork a single bull ties and requires a re-throw. A double bull beats a single bull.
B. Tied shots require a re-throw in reverse shooting order. All re-throws are to be made on a clear dartboard.
C. The second thrower may acknowledge a single or double bulls-eye and request that the first dart be removed prior to his/her throw.
D. The dart must remain in the dartboard in order to count. Additional throws may be made when throwing cork, until the player's dart remains in the board. Should the second thrower's dart dislodge the first thrower's dart, a re-throw must be made, with the second thrower going first.
E. Re-throws will be called for if the chalker cannot decide which art is closest to the bulls-eye or matching bulls are thrown. THE DECISION MADE BY THE CHALKER IS FINAL.
F. In all cases of re-throw, the second thrower goes first.

A. Home team Captain shall write their line-up second (AFTER VISITING TEAM CAPTAIN WRITES THEIR LINE UP), one game at a time.
B. Home team has choice of boards (sanctioned by the Steel Tip League Coordinator for play).
C. Captain of the home team is to keep order in his/her venue where it is possible. He/she will keep guests and players under control. There is no room for unsportsmanlike conduct.
D. Home Captain gives a carbon copy of the completed score sheet to the Visiting Captain for safekeeping.
E. Home Captain may ask for and receive a new chalker if the current chalker doesn't exercise concern and regard for the players on the line.
F. Home Captain will ensure that no person is allowed in front of the hockey (i.e. toe-line) expert the chalker.

A. Visiting team Captain shall write their line-up first, one game at a time. 19
B. The visiting team is responsible for chalking, singing the score sheet, and keeping a copy of the score sheet (which must be available if the original is lost).
A. Scoring for any shots made at 140 or above will count toward averages. Scores will be discarded for shots made when points remaining reach 139 or below.
B. The chalker is the official scorer. Chalking is done by the visiting team.
C. The chalker will call out all scores in a clear and concise manner to the scorekeeper.
D. "Points left" as appearing on the chalkboard will be deemed as official so far as current play is concerned. It is the responsibility of the player to verify his/her score before removing their darts from the dartboard. The score remains as written if one or more darts have been removed from the board. Errors in arithmetic must stand as written, unless corrected prior to the beginning of that players next throw. In the case of doubles/team matches, such errors must be rectified prior to the next turn of any partner/play of that same team.
E. "Scores made" as appearing on the dartboard will be deemed as official. Each player should be cautioned not to remove darts from the board until "scores made" is called by the chalker, and confirmed by the thrower. "Scores made" may not be challenged after the darts are removed from the board.
F. The chalker will mark "scores made" on the outer columns and "points left" on the inner columns. He/she will also draw a horizontal line under both the "scores made" and "points left" after the last player of each team or doubles has thrown.
G. Chalking and the score sheet are to be done at the same time, listing the home team on the left and the visiting team on the right.
H. Prior to erasing the chalkboard, the scores from the scoreboard and the score sheet must agree. If requested, the chalker may inform the thrower of their "score made" and "points left." The chalker will not give the thrower any information on doubles or combinations for finishes.
This rule applies if a Captain is chalking. If your team is short a player, you may ask for a waiver of this rule for sportsmanship to prevail. Waiver cannot be denied.
J. The chalker will exercise all due concern and regard for the player he/she is throwing from the line by refraining from undue movement and always facing the board until a throw is completed.
K. The chalker will not use any abbreviations.
L. The chalker must remain at the board until the game shot is called and made.
M. The player may ask the chalker not to smoke or drink while they are chalking
N. All darts thrown will be counted. A dart that hits a wire or otherwise fails to stick onto the board may not be re-thrown.
O. The point of the dart MUST be touching the bristle portion of the dartboard (excluding wires) in order to count as a score. A dart's score will be determined from the side of the wire at which the point of the dart enters the dartboard. Should a dart lodge directly between the connecting wires on the dartboard, making it impossible to determine which side of the wire it fell on, the shall will be the higher value of the two (2) segments in question. This includes the outside double ring for the game shot.
P. If a player touches any dart in the board during a throw, that players turn will immediately end. Any dart touched by a player before a chalker will not count for scoring. No dart may be touched by the thrower, another player, a chalker, or spectator prior to a decision being made by the scorer. If any of these situations occurs, that players turn will immediately end.
Q For a dart to count towards a score, it must remain on the board for five (5) seconds after the third meeting. The team Captain must get approval from the League Coordinator or final dart had been thrown by that player.
R. Fast finishes such as 3 in bed, 222, Shanghai, etc. don't apply.
S. A dart in the inner-bull counts as 50 points and is considered a double if 50 points are left for the out.
T. A game is concluded when a player hits the double require to reduce the remaining score to zero. Any and all darts thrown thereafter to not count towards the score.
U. The "bust rule" will apply. If players scores one less, equal or more point than needed to reach zero, he/she has "busted." His/her score reverts back to where it stood before their turn began. The next opposing play then takes their turn.
V. A player may be assisted by his/her Captain, teammates, or spectators other than when they are chalking.
W. Should a player have any portion of his/her feet or shoes over the toe-line during a throw, all three darts will be considered invalid and discounted from the score. One warning from the opposing team is considered sufficient reminder prior to applying this rule.
X. Any player who prefers to throw his/her darts from a point on either side of the toe-line must keep their feet behind an imaginary straight line extending from either side of the toe-line.
Y. Scores shot out of proper rotation will be declared null and void. Players must shoot in the order in which they are listed. The player who shot out of turn will be given a zero (0) for his next turn. These actions must be taken before the next player shoots. The Captain of the incorrect shooter is to be cautioned that he is responsible. If the player continues to shoot out of turn, a protest can be made.
Z. Teams tied in points won at the end of the season must play off using the full format with the date, place and time agreed upon by both Captains and the Steel Tip League Coordinator within three (3) weeks of the last regularly scheduled night of play. All three game ties will be played all at one at a neutral venue.

1. At the end of a night's play, both Captains will sign the score sheet to confirm that they accept it as accurate as to points won or lost.
2. Home Captains must e mail or fax in their match results within forty-eight (48) hours after the match.
3. Lack of a score sheet will not be an excuse for late reporting of results. Failure to call-in on time will result in a penalty of two (2) points subtracted from the reporting team's score. A postmark on the mailed score sheet envelope of more than two (2) days after the match will also result in two (2) points subtraction from the reporting team's score.
4. The Statistician will compile, print and send each Captain team and venue stats on a weekly basis. Stats will be mailed by Friday, which should ensure that Captains receive their stat-sheets prior to the next Tuesday's match.

1. The top two (2) teams from each division will receive awards, (maximum of 6 per team) regardless of the size of the division.
2. Awards for 171's/180's (3 triple 19's only for 171) are given out for league play.
3. Venue/Sponsors will receive an award providing their team finishes as 1 of the top 2 teams in their division.
4. All awards given out are based on Division results and NOT League results.
5. Each team will be alloted six (6 ) admittances to the banquetand each venue will receive one (1) admittance per team sponsored.

1. Practicing on any dartboard by any player during a game NOT permitted.
2. All players and spectators shall exercise due concern and decorum during the progress of matches, particularly when a player is at the hockey, with regard to excess noise, distracting movement and accessibility for the Team Captain to “coach” his player.
3. Observing a 2' mimnimum radius of the hockey is the responsibility of the Team Captains.
4. Open practice is allowed by both teams 30 minutes prior to the start of matches. Once the match has started, no player is allowed practice until the line-up is posted by both team captains. There will be a limit of three (3) minutes to post line up. After line up is posted, there is a maximum 9 dart warm up for players participating in the match.
5. No player changes may be made in mid-match (once the first score is called).
6. No person is to be in front of the hockey line except the chalker.
7. Opposing players must stand a minimum of two (2) feet behind the player at the hockey.
8. Dartboard assignments are to be made by 7:30 p.m.. Teams must know which board they should practice on.
9. After a winning dart or a dart to bust is thrown. NO additional darts are to be thrown, either in jubilation or disgust. THIS IS IN THE INTEREST OF SAFETY AND GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP.
10. No dart should ever be thrown at anything but the dartboard. To do so will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct.
11.Non-ADO and Non-association sponsored tournaments and matches: Problems in public or private bars, lounges and taverns and the providence of the injured party, the owner(s) or bartender who may seek redress under local and state law by ejection, police intervention or arrest
12 .If a venue “bars” a player from his establishment, that players team must play there when scheduled to do so, without the “barred” player, even if it causes them to play short handed.

A-Game Play
1. The objective is to own/close certain numberson the board. and have the highest point score. The player or team to do so first is the winner.
2. Cricket singles and doubles are played on the 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 and bulls eye. Cricket triples are played on the 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 , 14, 13, 12 and bulls eye.
3. Each player shall take turns throwing. Three (3) darts thrown in succession constitutes a turn..
4. “Owning” a number is when three (3) of that number have been thrown. (Any combination of singles, doubles and triples of that number). It is not necessary to shoot all 3 of the number in one turn. Once both players/teams have scored three of a number, it is “closed” and no further scoring can be accomplished on that number.
5. The numbers can be “owned/closed” in any order.
6. In scoring the bulls eye, the outer ring counts as single, and the innerring as double.
7. “The purpose of “owning “ a number is that the player may score on it if he wishes.
8. By “owning” anumber, a player/team may score on it until the opponent “closes” that number (scores three (3) of that number).

B-Winning the Game
1. The player/Team that “owns” all the numbers first, and has the highest point total is the winner.
2. If both sides are tied on points, or have no points, the first player/team to “own” all the numbers shall be the winner.
3. If a player/team “owns” all the numbers first, and is behind in points, he/they may continue to scoreon any numbers not “closed” by their opponents, until either the point deficit is made up, or the opponent has “closed” all the numbers.

-Good sportsmanship shall be the prevailing attitude during all competition and activities involving the Wolverine Dart Association.
-If any of the rules are boken, action can and will be taken by the Board.
-Any attempt to distract a player while they are shooting, will not be tolerated. Written complaints will result in action being taken by the Board.
-Fighting and verbal abuse will not be tolerated.
-Throwing darts in a manner that will endanger anyone will not be tolerated.
-Should a person be involved in a disturbance that can not be handled by the teams involved, a written complaint may be forwarded to the Board.The complaint must be signed by the complaintants and list witnesses present. The board will call all concerned parties to speak on the matter, to obtain facts.The person/persons found to be responsible for the disturbance will have their membership suspended, with no membership fee refund.This decision may be appealed within 1 week of notification of suspension. The person will be called to appear, and the Board will render a ruling on the charge.
-The Board reserves the right to censure, expel, or suspend any member who willfully creates disharmony, behaves in a manner prejudicial to order and discipline, or tarnishes the image of the Sport of Darts.
-No player needs to tolerate, harassment, belligerency, defamation or poor sportsmanship from any member.
-Any player who ,during the course of play, fails to comply with these rulesshall be subject to disqualification from the league.
-The interpretation of these rules shall rest with the Board.
-The Wolverine Dart Association assumes no responsibility for accident or injury during League activities.
-The Board reserves the right toadd to or amend anyany or all of these league rules. This may be done as deemed necessaryat the time.
-Penalties described herein shall be considered a minimum punishment, and the Board will handle each individual infraction and rule accordingly.
-Where no penalty is described, the Board will determine the penalty with each individual infraction.